Milf Boot Camp and Maria Ozawa Cat Fight

Japanese nudist milfs have a aerobics boot camp and Maria Ozawa and friends duke it out

Naked Boot Camp

Exercising has been part of the daily lives of many people in the west for decades but only in the last decade or so has it began to grapple any footing in Japan. In fact, even in cities, it's said that only 1 out of 5 people frequent a fitness club on a regular basis. Since there is now a genuine interest in training, more and more people are getting on the health and fitness bandwagon pumping out various products, supplements, and training programs from mild yoga and stretching classes to wild...nudist aerobics perhaps?

Exactly! This is the first video in the Naked Boot Camp series. Why boot camp? Because at the end of even one session, you will be put through the wringer and then some! From the first second, this loquacious and cheerful group of stark naked Japanese girls run through various twists, turns, jumps, kicks, crunches, squats (and you can sure see a lot due to their attire!), and more.

The fact that none of them are wearing a stitch makes you really appreciate the work they have put in sculpting their bodies. In fact, these nudist training lessons are starting to pick up steam and become somewhat of an underground boom among bored Japanese housewives who apparently invite a bunch of their friends over, strip down to the buff, and do some cardio in the living room. Perhaps they have very hands-on group stretching sessions afterword...

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Zenra Cat Fight Club

I'm sure by now many of you know of those clubs that may or may not exist formed by disgruntled blue collar workers and white collar underlings in the corporate machine who expel their built up stress by beating the crap out of each other on a weekly basis. There may have even a movie made about this some years back...

What's interesting is that recently, there was a Japanese movie about a female version of stressed out female employees forming fighting groups. Or in this instance actually, instead of fighting, it's more of a bullying group. Instead of punching your coworkers in a brawl in a rank, dimly lit basement, you're taking turns bullying and being bullied while your coworkers cheer you on.

The Cat Fight Club shows cute Japanese girls in various states of dress and in many instances, what little they have for clothes soon hits the floor and the 'cat fight' turns into a lesbian orgy with a heavy emphasis on insertions and group orgasm all on a dirty floor—I guess this is their way of pushing out the bad stress...

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